Our services

Butos offers not just solutions in the field of master data management but also services as implementation partner.


Operation of computer center

Butos takes care of all technically relevant demands regarding hardware service availability.

Project implementation

Every customer project is different. Due to our longstanding experience, we have perfected the process of implementation.

Operational support

The operation can be divided into technical and applicational operation. You can choose the range of service.

Technical operation

Butos takes care of all technical relevant demands of your solution regarding hardware and performance.

Applicational operation

By request we take on elementary or sophisticated activities in the following operation of the implemented solution.


By request we take on the complete administration of the application with everything that comes with that.

Data center operations
BUTOS offers also the operating of Butos solutions in its own computer center. This may be the optimal alternative for pure development projects or for productive operation. Many of our customers have opted for a solution in our data center. In that way the development projects can start immediately and without large investments. Later, the customer can decide whether they want to integrate the solution, or they can continue to operate the solution in a cloud infrastructure or completely at Butos. Our data center is located in the heart of Zurich. All required standard installations, which are essential to the secure data center operations, are available.

Implementation projects
Each customer introduction is to be seen according to the customer's specific needs, the general topic and context. With our projects we use iterative processes and waterfall models. For the introduction of MDM projects with the EBX tool suite, we have created a method which specifically targets the characteristics and potentials of TIBCO Networks EBX. For the launch of our platform we use a sequential approach, which accommodates iterative procedures for certain parts and has much resemblance with the scrum methodology. We work very efficiently with our parameterization tool regarding our pension projects. The customer requirements are directly incorporated and visualized by the generation as program elements.

Operational support
Operations are always divided into two main strands – technical and applicational. Depending on your abilities and wishes, Butos will create a customized service model.

Technical operations
BUTOS takes over all technical specifications, which are necessary for a smooth operation. The installations, which take care of the related hardware and performance requirements, the availability of the systems etc..

Applicational operation
In applicational operation, BUTOS takes care of all the issues regarding the application. Depending on the service level, this may be the access management, interface operations, data consistency checks, documentation creating, document uploads to the portal etc..

If you don’t want to perform the applications yourself, we can offer you a complete outsourcing, which would be done by our administration department.