News und Events

Opening of the Austrian office

The Austrian branch office was opened in August 2017. Robert Licht is the managing director of this new Butos branch. Butos is now also increasingly active in Austria. The focus of the branch office will be in the area of data management. With our two EBX5 platforms from our partner, Orchestra Networks and our proprietary development FuturiX, we are able to solve all current exciting problems related to data management. Be it in the context of master data management, the DWH environment, a data turntable or reporting. Join us and be inspired by our incredible solutions.

Are you interested in getting to know the leader in master data management? Register for our master data event on 05.10.2017 from 4 pm at the Hotel Marriott in Vienna. Together with Orchestra Networks, we handle a variety of topics within the framework of master data management.

Global Pension Solutions introduces the Swiss pension system at the actuary conference on 28 May, 2017.

Due to the pension reform in Germany, Global Pension Solutions gave an insight into the swiss defined contribution model at the actuary conference.