Master and reference data management

Internationally, in the increasingly rapid exchange of products, in the flexibility of the entire product ranges in the mass-customizing over the Internet, through increasing compliance requirements, high-performance master data and reference data systems are essential.

We have chosen to implement these very high demands with the best product in our opinion, which can be found on the market. The suite EBX5 of Orchestra Networks met our very high expectations regarding modeling capabilities, flexibility, price, performance and maintainability. Not only do we have come to this belief, but also the researchers such as Gartner, MDM Institute and Information Differenz.

BUTOS is the distribution and integration partner for Orchestra Networks Solutions of the MDM Suite EBX.

BUTOS understands the complex needs of MDM and RDM projects. Through our years of experience in project and data management we understand the general and specific challenges and have suitable answers.

Master data is the DNA of each company. The constant of the company, common identifiers, extended attributes and hierarchies form the building blocks of each transaction. For example, in products, customers, employees, suppliers, financial hierarchies or reference data. EBX5 is a multidomain master data management software, which allows to modify, manage and integrate master and reference data. Based on industry standards, EBX5 has an extensive user interface.

Orchestra Networks EBX is characterized by a high degree of compatibility of which it can be integrated into almost any environment. Data can be synchronized in various ways, both real time via WebServices (SOAP and REST) ​​and batch / file-based or directly via SQL. Integration into web-portals and the adaptation of the look & feel along the corporate design can be implemented as well.

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We found what you are looking for!

Since many years we realize software projects for large, international companies and organizations. And during every project we quickly come to the point at which the question of the quality and consistency of data arises that is being used in different applications. Who maintains the data – by which rules? Who provides and who receives the data?

And we thought about it again and again ...

how ideal it would be to have a master data management software, which allows a solution within a short project time, which meets even the most complex requirements, and their user interface not only satisfies the developer but also the users? An MDM solution with a variety of references and high rates by the relevant analyst.


We discovered the Orchestra Networks EBX5

Since 2015, Butos is the distribution and integration partner of Orchestra Networks for their MDM platform EBX5. Through our years of experience in project and data management we understand the challenges, and now with EBX5 we have found the platform that provides the required solution in a short time.

You will be impressed

MDM projects were previously considered as complex, time consuming and expensive. Through our project expertise, coupled with the qualities of Orchestra Networks EBX5, the standards are being redefined.

Tell us your challenge. We will show you a solution that will surprise and impress you.