MDM consulting

Based on various discussions with clients we have found out that a lot of companies are stuck when it comes to Master Data Management. The need for a structured approach is obvious, but because of current projects and organizational structures they are not in a position to approach the topic in a target-oriented way.

Butos helps you achieving this! With our methodology we coach you or take the lead for MDM related topics.

MDM Initiative

In this phase we approach questions such as:

  • Where is the ideal starting point?

  • Who leads the process?

  • What is the desired output of this phase?

Diagnostic Steps

In this phase for each relevant business area one or more iterations covering MDM specific topics will be conducted. Information is gathered in workshops, interviews or based on documentation. The output can be used as a base for a business case.

In Proof of concept the elaborated results can be verified. This phase is also helpful if users do not have a clear vision of the MDM process and possible tools.



The results are completely tool independent and can be reused for future data management projects.

Business Case

Based on the previously elaborated information a business case can be created. This process is done in cooperation with the client. The business case contains direct and indirect costs as well as cost reductions after implementing the project.

The goal of the process is that organizations can set up a business case which points out the status quo with its problems and possible solutions.


This approach ensures that all relevant points required for the big picture are taken into account.

The depth of the analysis which was defined in the beginning defines the effort for such an approach.

You choose if you require coaching or project management for the individual steps or if you would like to be led through the complete process. Our consultants have many years of experience in data management and can provide customized support based on the Butos Methodology.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a better understanding of our consulting approach and how we can adapt it to your specific situation.