Orchestra Networks EBX5


EBX5 features overview


Data Modeling

The centralized data can be selected, linked and manipulated. The clear user interface delivers various layouts, which can be used intuitively. In addition reusable data types are used for a higher performance in data modeling.

Data Validation

To edit big data efficiently, the software offers a large selection of parameters and functions, which allow to filter even more specifically. It is also possible to use own formulas to get individual selections.

Data Authoring

Due to the high flexibility of the software, it is possible to adapt an individual solution to your needs perfectly. This gives the opportunity to customize the graphical as well as the functional aspect of the interface.

Integration und Distribution

Thanks to universal controllers, Orchestra Networks EBX5 has a high level of compatibility and can be integrated in almost every system easily. Furthermore it’s possible to synchronize the different data sources with different modes. Due to an export and import function, data can be distributed between separated systems.

Performance Measurement

A special layout makes it possible to display the various key figures and values for reports and statistics.

Process und Rules

With the help of user defined rules, it’s possible to create automatisms, which trigger a function at a certain result. For example this could be a message or a reminder.

Matching und Cleansing

In addition Orchestra Networks EBX5 offers several functions to structure the data and keep it clear. For instance unused data can be identified by custom rules.

Hierarchy Management

To get a logical structure of the data, it is possible to build a hierarchy with nodes. They can be edited optionally. This allows to depict a whole enterprise structure.

Version Control

Orchestra Networks EBX5 has an integrated versioning system, which allows it to manage and connect data of the past, present and future.

Security und Permissions

EBX5 offers a high level of security. In addition it is possible to allocate individual permissions to every user, to prevent unauthorized access.


Useable everywhere


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