Butos Cloud based Source Control

Butos cloud based source control is the perfect solution for EBX clients who like to start immediately with an EBX5 project.

Butos provides you with a cloud based development environment. This allows a fast and cost-effective set up to start immediately customizing EBX5 to your needs. The infrastructure is based on Atlassian and Amazon and covers the whole development process for your developers incl. issue tracking, source code management, build server etc.

You can use this environment as a starting point for a project and – if desired – replace it with an own development environment or you keep using it for additional projects. The pricing model is – besides a small fix fee – based on the service level and the number of developers using it.

Overview of the development environment

In the base package Butos provides the following services:

  • Set up the development environment and provide access for developers
  • Maintain environment and keep components up to date
  • License management for all tools and platforms
  • User administration

The advantage of this setup are:

  • A structured approach from the very beginning following best practices
  • Keep the effort for an evaluation for the required components on an absolute minimum by following a proven approach
  • Remote development and testing
  • Central management of the application
  • Ready to start immediately – no delays
  • Traceability from the source code to the requirement