futuriX platform


Data and information is the present and the future value of a company. Our Futuriis the enabler for your data and information hub.

  • Real-time performance
  • Auditable data management
  • Extensible data modeling
  • Covering various known warehouse functionalities
  • Modularized application
  • Data processing of departments
  • Departments use FuturiX on working on new/additional requirements for ETL tools and data evaluations
  • Rapid implementation times through existing modeling and modules
  • Maximum automation with the integration and data transformation

The evolution of the FuturiX:

From the most diverse requirements of the provision area, such as auditability, accounting, varied involvement of investment products, assignable to organizational units and individuals with family relationships, international time differences, adaptations of business transactions by different health care professionals and administrators, but also from requirements of banking groups regarding real-time requirements, international data deliveries in various formats, expandability by e.g. the continuously increasing regulatory pressure, data distribution and e.g. the reporting to the central banks, we have developed a platform which connects all these properties mentioned above.

futuriX pension

futuriX pension is distributed by Global Pension Solutions GmbH.


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