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The Butos Group is a corporate group which’s central task is the optimized provision of data and information. Basically it's all about data and information. Data and information are the heart of every enterprise and application.

In the Butos Group different specialists work in a variety of departments. Besides the most diverse specialists from various industries, there are people working with us, who are implementing the data and information supply with solutions and architectures of all kinds for solving the various problems of our customers efficiently and effectively.

Our group is unites the vision to be the contact and value transmitter for our customers, starting from the functional requirements to the optimal implementation.
From this motive multiple lines of business have emerged from BUTOS, which are represented on our site.

Data management with FuturiX

Real-time requirements, any simple structured extensibility, data processes owned and implemented by the business, auditability, automated processes, etc. If you have requirements regarding these and other areas, get informed about our available solutions of modeling, architectural approaches, Automation with FuturiX.

Pension and financial solutions

We have gained experience about efficient management of pension systems and financial solutions for decades. For many years we have supported our customers with our software, our services and our partner network for optimal pension management. In addition to the definition of your demands together with our partners and the implementation and operation, we can implement all the possibilities of customized pension solutions for you.

Master and reference data management

Data and information are the backbone of your company. Only when these are clearly structured, they can be the basis for consistent and efficient processes in the organization.

What is the applicable product data, how can it be efficiently maintained in different workflows a jour, how can you synchronize data across national borders and keep them in sync? We solve all these questions with the software EBX5 of our partner Orchestra Networks. Managing this data is ensured by very flexible configurable workflows for data synchronization with EBX5. We are the distribution and implementation partner for the whole of Switzerland.

Consulting and support

Competent specialists with great experience work in all of our different areas, which goes beyond the area of expertise. This enables us to give competent information and solutions for various problems. This service and support is held in complete lifecycle.

Inform yourself about our subsidiaries, brands, their products and services on this site. For more information about futuriX pension and our pension services go to the menu option Sopalg Pension Solutions GmbH. You will also find the link to the website, which holds more information. If you are interested in our FuturiX software, please open menu item FuturiX. Under MDM, see more details on our activities regarding Master Data Management and EBX5.


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